A little bit about Armando Rodriguez

It all started in 2014. I was living with my roommate TJ, and we wanted to start a business together. A mutual friend of ours moved his business from one Studio space to another, and that open Studio space posed an opportunity. After brainstorming, we decided to open a collaborative where we could meet innovative and like-minded individuals. My wife was a professional model at the time, so I soon found myself behind the camera at her shoots with a passion for capturing life. My beautiful muse in life pushed and inspired me to achieve my greatest potential as a photographer, and this was just the beginning of my career.

At the time, I was just learning photography, but was fortunate enough to meet a lot of very talented photographers. They offered to take me under their wings, and I spent hours upon hours learning the craft of photography, studio lighting, photo editing and so much more. After some time, I was shooting for the Cinema MakeUp School in Hollywood. Shooting for CMS made me realize how much I enjoyed working with people and learning their stories. Since then, it has been my mission to bring forth the beauty of personality and uniqueness in every photo. We at Zen Studios LA like to focus on YOU. We make you feel comfortable in front of the camera, so that every session is a rewarding experience for both the photographer’s creative essence and your exclusive self.

Welcome to Zen Studios LA

Welcome to Zen Studios LA! Thank you for considering us for your photography needs. My name is Armando Rodriguez, and I am the owner and lead creative photographer here at Zen Studios LA. As a working photographer in the Los Angeles area, I find it is vital to establish a personal connection between the client and the camera i.e. me. 

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