At Zen Studios,

We strive to provide the perfect professional headshots to our guests, 

Taking pride in our customer service and

Providing a comfortable environment for our new and repeat guests.


Headshots Los Angeles

Look Professional, Confident and approachable.

Corporate Headshots



Medical Residency Headshots (ERAS, VSAS, etc.)

Headshots for medical residency, fellowship, and medical school applications.

Medical Headshots (ERAS, VSAS,)



Headshots Los Angeles

Your unique personality captured for Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Headshots



Headshots Los Angeles

Stand Out!

Commercial Head Shots


After working with hundreds of people, I learned that most people:

  • Don’t  know how to pose in front of the camera 

  • Are not comfortable in front of the camera

  • Don’t wanna waste money on pictures they don’t like and can’t use

Don’t worry…

Before being behind the camera I was in your shoes.

We will guide you all the way through, making you feel comfortable and essentially bringing out your true personality and capturing the best representation of you.  We guarantee you will love your images!

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