What Are Team Headshots?

Teamshots are a collection of professional photos often used for multiple purposes, including company websites, business cards, press releases, and LinkedIn profiles. The LinkedIn profile is widely regarded as the preferred platform for showcasing team headshots among professionals.

Professional team headshots are a powerful way to demonstrate your team members’ competence, professionalism, and approachability. By capturing great headshots, you lay the foundation for building an incredible brand that can boost sales and attract potential investors to your company. It’s an investment that speaks volumes about your company’s values and aspirations.

Employers should strive to maintain consistent headshots across their workforce whenever feasible. This not only enhances the overall cohesion of the group but also contributes to a more professional and unified image.

You can establish a corporate account if not all team members can meet in person simultaneously. This will allow you to arrange for group members to attend a studio at their convenience.

Are Team Headshots Important?

Have you ever encountered someone whom you either immediately developed a liking for or had an instant dislike towards?

Whether or not you were aware of the reasons behind your feelings towards others, it’s important to note that most individuals form “first impressions” within a mere 1/8th of a second. These initial perceptions significantly influence hiring decisions, purchasing choices, and overall receptiveness.

In the modern era, most initial impressions are formed in the vast realm of the online world.

First impressions matter! Potential clients will likely encounter your employees on LinkedIn or through engaging PowerPoint presentations. Likewise, investors often turn to the company’s About Us page to glean valuable insights about the executives leading the organization. Ensure that these crucial touchpoints effectively showcase your company’s talent and leadership.

A compelling business headshot is vital for creating a positive first impression with others, and it can significantly influence your professional growth and your company’s success.

What Do I Wear for Team Headshots?

What you wear depends on your personality, industry, and where the photos will be placed!

We recommend the standard suit-and-tie or female equivalent for more conservative industries like law and finance.

Observe how professionals and industry leaders dress on LinkedIn for a definitive guide. Focus on successful individuals rather than solely relying on your immediate network. This approach will provide valuable insights into appropriate attire for your industry.

Remember: dress for the position you aspire to, not the one you currently hold. If you’re uncertain, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We’re always delighted to offer guidance and assistance. 

How Do I Pose for Team Headshots?

There’s no need to get too fancy with your poses for team headshots. At our sessions, we prefer minimalist poses. We’ve witnessed other photographers compelling clients into truly peculiar positions. However, we steer clear of such practices as the plague.

Our goal is to highlight the professionalism of your group, emphasizing your strengths rather than focusing on photography.

To kickstart your session, begin with uncomplicated and straightforward poses for a seamless warm-up. One effortless recommendation is to stand tall and flash a charming smile.

Afterward, we will aim to capture professional headshots with arms folded and maybe a few candid shots.

Based on the placement of the photos, we have two options: 

1) We can aim to vary the poses among team members

2) We can strive to coordinate poses throughout the group.

What Backdrops are Best for Team Headshots?

In the corporate world, first impressions are paramount, and nothing portrays professionalism better than striking headshots. At Zen Studios, we understand the significance of professional headshots, especially in conservative industries like law and finance. To ensure a lasting impact, we recommend neutral white, gray, or black backdrops, creating crisp and trustworthy shots that convey reliability and consistency.

Explore our headshot backgrounds page to preview all the studio background options available. Our team of skilled photographers is adept at capturing the essence of your team, bringing out their unique qualities while maintaining a sense of dependability and credibility.

For industries that embrace creativity, such as tech or non-profits, we offer an array of colored studio backdrops or the option for outdoor/in-office sessions. These vibrant photos add an extra “pop” to your team’s identity, allowing their personalities to shine through, all while retaining a sense of professionalism.

Senior executives and thought leaders are critical in shaping a company’s image. To portray their multifaceted persona effectively, we encourage having a variety of shots suitable for different platforms. Alongside the traditional studio headshots, outdoor photos add a touch of authenticity and approachability.

Avoid the pitfalls of using the same headshot across multiple platforms. This approach can be perceived as amateurish and undermine the impression of dependability. Let us help you create a cohesive and polished online presence that leaves a lasting impact on clients, partners, and colleagues.

At Zen Studios, we pride ourselves on delivering reliable, top-notch team headshots that align with your industry and corporate identity. Our skilled photographers know how to bring out the best in each individual, capturing the essence of professionalism while adding a touch of uniqueness. Let your team’s personality shine through while maintaining an air of trustworthiness and dependability. Visit us today to elevate your corporate image with exceptional team headshots.

How Should I Prepare for Team Headshots?

Here are three keys to preparing for your headshot ahead of time.

First, before your session, if feasible, prioritize getting ample sleep, engaging in physical activity, and soaking in some sunshine. While our editing team airbrushes your chosen photos, your preparation ensures a natural and effortless look.

Second, briefly wear your desired clothing a few days before your session. You want to ensure your outfits fit properly and don’t need dry cleaning.

Third, take a moment to review some of your past photos and identify any that you genuinely admire. Upon reaching the studio, share these snapshots with your photographer, as it will assist us in discovering a flattering perspective that resonates with you.

How Much Do Team Headshots Cost?

Team headshots can range in cost from $225 to $999, depending on factors such as location, package, and provider.

When considering pricing, it is crucial to take into account two important factors: licensing and retouching fees.

In terms of licensing, it is common for photographers to grant ownership of photos only upon purchase. This ownership fee is separate from the “session fee,” which covers the time spent in the photographer’s studio.

Furthermore, additional licensing fees may apply if you intend to use the photos for purposes such as press releases, advertisements, magazines, or book covers.

Regarding retouching, many photographers charge $225 or more per photo. It is advisable to factor in these fees when calculating the total cost of your session.

Welcome to Zen Studios! Our sessions start at an accessible price, and you will also receive 100% usage rights for ALL images from your shoot. That’s not all – you will also get a custom-retouched image of your choice. Exciting, isn’t it? If you’re looking for a cost-effective option, we have you covered with our Virtual Headshot services. Don’t wait; book now and let us capture your best self!

Professional headshots
  • 1 Look (1 Outfit / 1 Backdrop)

  • Wardrobe Consultation

  • 1 Hi-res Retouched Image

  • Women – Makeup – Add $140

  • Men – Grooming – Add $125

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  • 2 Looks (Outfits and/or Backdrop Change)

  • Wardrobe Consultation

  • 2 Hi-res Retouched Images

  • Women – Makeup – Add $140

  • Men – Grooming – Add $125


  • On-Location Shoot – 120 min Session

  • Wardrobe Consultation

  • 10 Hi-res Retouched Images

  • Women – Makeup – Add $200

  • Men – Grooming – Add $125