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What Are Startup Headshots?

Startup headshots refer to a collection of business portraits commonly utilized for websites, business cards, press releases, and LinkedIn profiles. These headshots capture your team members’ professionalism, friendliness, and competence, serving as a crucial tool in building an exceptional brand that bolsters sales figures and attracts potential investors. While striving for consistency across headshots is advisable for employers, this guideline holds greater significance for corporate groups than startups. When all team members cannot be present simultaneously, creating a corporate account allows individuals to visit a studio at their convenience.

Are Startup Headshots Important?

Have you ever encountered someone whom you instantly either liked or disliked? It’s possible you were aware of the reasons behind your feelings, or it was a gut instinct. Interestingly, most individuals form their “first impressions” of others in just a fraction – a mere 1/8th of a second. These initial perceptions can significantly sway hiring decisions, purchasing choices, and influence.

In today’s digital age, first impressions primarily originate from online interactions. Potential clients come across your employees on platforms like LinkedIn or through well-crafted PowerPoint presentations. Investors refer to the company’s “About Us” page to gain insights into critical executives. As such, having compelling business headshots becomes paramount in creating a positive initial impression with these stakeholders. This impact can extend to your career progression and your company’s success.

What Do I Wear for Startup Headshots?

Your choice of attire depends on factors such as your personality, industry, and where the photos will be displayed. We recommend opting for a standard suit-and-tie or the female equivalent for more conservative fields like law and finance. However, observing how successful peers and senior executives in your industry dress on LinkedIn is always wise. Remember to dress for the job you aspire to have rather than the one you currently hold. And if you still need clarification, feel free to ask us for guidance. We’re always here to help!

How Do I Pose for Startup Headshots?

There’s no need to elaborate on your poses for team headshots. During our sessions, we prefer to focus on minimalistic poses. We’ve witnessed other photographers insisting on their clients adopting truly peculiar positions. However, we steer clear of such practices.

We prioritize highlighting your group’s professionalism rather than showcasing our photography skills. At the start of your session, warming up with simple and straightforward poses is recommended. Just stand there and let your smile shine.

Later, we can explore some headshots with crossed arms and even capture candid moments. Depending on where the photos will be used, we might mix poses among different team members or coordinate poses across the group to create a cohesive look.

Startup Headshot
Startup Headshot - Professional Headshot

What Backdrops are Best for Startup Headshots?

We recommend using neutral backdrops in conservative industries such as law and finance. White, gray, or black backgrounds can create crisp shots that convey reliability and consistency. Visit our headshot backgrounds page to preview all available studio options.

For those working in creative industries, non-profits, or tech, consider adding more “pop” to your photos. You are welcome to choose a colored studio backdrop or try an outdoor or in-office session for a touch of personality.

Senior executives and thought leaders can benefit from having multiple photos that can be used across platforms. It is ideal to have a mix of outdoor shots to supplement studio headshots. Having the same headshot on LinkedIn, the company website, and press releases may need to be more professional.

Zen Studios LA offers a selection of studio backdrop options to choose from.

How Should I Prepare for Startup Headshots?

Preparing for your headshot in advance involves three crucial steps.

Firstly, prioritize getting ample rest, engaging in regular physical activity, and exposing yourself to natural sunlight in the weeks leading up to your session. While our editing team skillfully retouches the chosen photos, your preparation significantly contributes to a natural and flawless appearance.

Secondly, briefly wear your desired attire a few days before the session. This step ensures that your outfits fit impeccably and eliminates the need for last-minute dry cleaning.

Lastly, take a moment to review some of your prior photos and identify any that you particularly admire. Upon arrival at the studio, sharing these images with your photographer will assist us in capturing your most flattering angles.

Following these steps, you will be well-prepared to obtain exceptional headshot images that truly showcase your best self.

What If I’m Not Photogenic or Hate Getting My Photo Taken?

At Zen Studios LA, we’ve got you covered! While sadly, many portrait photographers create an uncomfortable atmosphere for their clients, forcing them into awkward poses and lacking a proper understanding of their client’s desires, we take a different approach. Our priority is to provide a fun and stress-free environment for every client. In our studio, we set the mood with upbeat music and continuously seek feedback from our clients, ensuring that we create an exceptional headshot you’ll proudly showcase online.

How Much Do Startup Headshots Cost?

Depending on geography, package, and provider, startup headshots can cost between $225 and above.

When pricing, it is essential to consider two key factors: licensing and retouching fees.

When it comes to licensing, it is common for photographers to grant ownership of photos only when they are “bought” from them. This ownership fee is separate from the “session fee,” which covers the time spent in the photographer’s studio.

Additional licensing fees may apply if you intend to use the photos for a press release, advertisement, magazine, or book cover.

Regarding retouching, many photographers charge at $225 and above per photo. It is advisable to factor in these fees when calculating the total cost of your session.

Welcome to Zen Studios! Our sessions start at an affordable price, and you also get to keep 100% usage rights for ALL images from your shoot. And that’s not all! You’ll also receive a custom-retouched image of your choice. Exciting. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, we’ve covered you with our Virtual Headshot services. Don’t wait; book now and let us capture your best self!

Startup Headshot - LinkedIn Headshot
  • 1 Look (1 Outfit / 1 Backdrop)

  • Wardrobe Consultation

  • 1 Hi-res Retouched Image

  • Women – Makeup – Add $140

  • Men – Grooming – Add $125

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  • 2 Looks (Outfits and/or Backdrop Change)

  • Wardrobe Consultation

  • 2 Hi-res Retouched Images

  • Women – Makeup – Add $140

  • Men – Grooming – Add $125


  • On-Location Shoot – 120 min Session

  • Wardrobe Consultation

  • 10 Hi-res Retouched Images

  • Women – Makeup – Add $200

  • Men – Grooming – Add $125