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Kids headshots

Taking kids headshots is always a great time. We love taking kids headshots. And today, you can’t get away with just some cute vacation snapshots anymore. The entertainment business, also for kids, is very competitive.

The energy when shooting with kids is always different then when shooting adults, they have a shorter attention span and are easily distracted. The hardest thing is to get them to sit still! On the other hand, they are not as self conscious as most adults and feel more free in front of the camera; it really is all about just clicking at the right time. With little direction you can get them to change facial expressions fast. And very important with kids to capture their youthfulness, so steer clear of make up (at least until their over 13) or very mature looking clothes.

A few important things when shooting headshots for kids;
  • Make sure you bring different outfits that they are most comfortable in.
  • Bring something they can play with while we set up lights or when we take short breaks, to keep them from getting bored.
  • If your child has long hair, there’s many things you can do with that to create a different look; period piece, all American, best student; many of these depend on how the hair is styled. If you are not comfortable with that; you can watch a youtube tutorial or hire a hair stylist. 
  • Inform the photographer beforehand what they can expect, wardrobe and different looks. What types the child fits and the photographer can advise what color or shirt can work with that look. A little girl could play a tomboy or an period piece.
    know which colors work well with the skin tone of your child.

Most importantly is to capture their personality! Does you child need a new headshot? Click here to make an appointment.