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Tips for a Successful Team Headshot Session

At Zen Studios LA, we understand the importance of thorough preparation by our clients and photographers for a successful professional team headshot session. While our photographers are well-prepared, your readiness is crucial in simplifying the process and guaranteeing outstanding results. To assist you in your preparation, we’ve compiled these helpful tips to ensure the best possible photos for you and your team.

Comprehensive Checklist for Professional Team Headshots

Professional team headshot sessions are typically brief, underscoring the importance of clear communication with your photographer to align expectations. Adequate preparation is also crucial, from a week before the session to the final moments before your shoot.

A Week Before Your Professional Team Headshot

Plan the Day

Once you have established the scheduled date for your professional team headshot session, you must meticulously organize your agenda to prevent potential conflicts or distractions. This proactive approach guarantees that you can fully commit to the session without any time constraints or competing appointments, allowing for a smooth and focused experience at the studio while ensuring you don’t compromise any other scheduled engagements or responsibilities.

Make Informed Choices Regarding Your Attire and Accessories

Selecting the proper clothing for your headshot session can pose a challenge, so preparing your outfit a week before the scheduled date is advisable. An incorrect clothing choice may, at times, necessitate a session redo.

You can steer clear of such situations by refraining from items that aren’t camera-friendly, including:

  • Shiny or reflective materials
  • Excessive or attention-grabbing jewelry
  • Turtleneck tops
  • Distracting colors (especially in ties)
  • All-white blouses or shirts (which can lead to a loss of depth and detail, making you appear washed out).”

The Day Before Your Professional Headshot Session

Prioritize Adequate Rest

Modern photography techniques can digitally address dark circles and signs of fatigue around your eyes during post-production. Nevertheless, arriving at the studio appears fresh and at ease, which is crucial. Getting a good night’s sleep beforehand will make you look rejuvenated in your team headshots. Additionally, staying well-hydrated is a wise choice.

Clarify Your Preferences

If this isn’t your first team headshot experience, look at your previous photos and pinpoint aspects you appreciated or didn’t. Were specific styles that worked well, such as clothing, hairstyle, or makeup? Alternatively, was it the angle the photographer used? Regardless of the reason, consider bringing along a photo that resonates with your expectations to provide the photographer with a visual reference.

For those receiving their inaugural headshot, you can conduct a Google search for professional headshots to identify styles and looks that appeal to you.

Steer Clear of Unwanted Stress

Apart from inappropriate attire, external factors that can negatively impact your mood on the day of the shoot might necessitate a reshoot. These factors include unexpected acne breakouts, insufficient sleep, stress from work or family obligations, or a bad day. If you are contending with these issues, contact your photographer and arrange to reschedule your team headshot session.

The Morning Of Your Professional Team Headshot

Dress Accordingly

Select Appealing, Unobtrusive, Solid Colors for Your Professional Headshot Attire

Your choice of clothing for your professional headshot should balance enhancing your appearance and minimizing distractions. The selection should also align with the intended use of the headshot, whether it’s for an infographic resume, website, business card, social media profile, or press release. Here’s what to consider and avoid:

1. Consider the Purpose: Determine the primary purpose of your team headshot and align your attire accordingly. For example, a formal business look might suit a press release, while a casual outfit could work for social media.

2. Avoid Logos: Avoid shirts or jackets featuring prominent logos. These can divert attention away from your face and the intended message of the headshot.

3. Moderate Makeup: Opt for makeup that enhances natural features rather than excessive makeup. The goal is to look polished and professional without appearing overly made-up.

4. Scale Down Jewelry: Large, eye-catching jewelry can be distracting. Choose more modest jewelry pieces that complement your outfit without overwhelming the composition.

5. Men, Mind the Undershirts: For men, avoid wearing undershirts that may be visible beneath your dress shirt or jacket. A clean, well-fitted dress shirt is usually a better choice.

6. Contrasting Colors: Consider selecting colors that strongly contrast your background to make you stand out. Ensure your clothes are well-pressed to maintain a polished appearance.

If you are still deciding what to wear, feel free to seek recommendations from your photographer. They can provide valuable perspectives informed by their expertise and the unique circumstances of your headshot session.

 5 Minutes Before Your Team Headshot Session

1. Hair Check: Just before the photoshoot, take a moment to ensure your hair looks well-groomed and flattering. If it appears messy, lightly mist it with water and brush it to tame any unruly strands.

2. Shine Control: Remember any shiny areas the studio flash could accentuate on your face. If you have an oily complexion or tend to sweat, consider applying some powder to reduce shine. However, if you’re not wearing makeup, lightly dampen your face with water and dry it with a towel. For dry skin, avoid applying lotion to your face for at least four hours before the shoot.

3. Clean Glasses: Dirty glasses can be noticeable in a photograph, so ensure they are clean and free of smudges. Additionally, avoid wearing glasses with transition lenses, as they can appear like sunglasses in the photo. Opt for anti-glare-coated glasses to prevent unwanted reflections from affecting the quality of your headshot.

4. Follow Photographer’s Guidance: Once you arrive at the headshot session, your photographer will provide valuable insights about your appearance and recommend any necessary adjustments or improvements.

5. Enjoy the Experience: Remember to relax and enjoy the session. Staying relaxed will help prevent signs of stress or anxiety from showing in your photos, resulting in a more confident and appealing headshot.

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