Where to crop headshots for actors? 

Close to the face. Sometimes they chop off a bit of the actor’s hairline, CD/Agent knows that its there. It is important that a headshot convey’s a feeling, the cropping of the headshot can help with this. Placing the eyes a bit higher in the photo can help to draw more attention to it, as the eyes are always drawn towards the upper portion of a picture first plus it gives them strength. Showing neck and shoulders will give the viewer an idea of what type of body you have. The clothing that you wear in a headshot will enforce your look along with your expression. 

Where to crop headshots for business? 

Crop above the chest, right above where the tie meets the jacket and make sure the whole face is in the picture. So do not chop off the hair. Keep the face in the top third of the image. If you crop tight, keep the face centered same goes for when you are standing on an angle. You can use a grid and align the eye line with the top line of the grid. 

What do you mean by looks?

Although we offer to shoot one look, we recommend at least a two looks package. One look may be your commercial look where your make up is more light and natural. A second look may be your theatrical look where you will have a different wardrobe, hair and make up and we also vary the background to complement the lighting, adding a more dramatic look.

Where do we shoot?

 Everything is shot at Zen Studios L.A. We have the best camera and lighting equipment.

The weather is not a factor since we have full control of the light and for hot days, the AC allows us to have a comfortable temperature for shooting. Depending on the time of day, we shoot in the surrounding area of the studio as well, taking advantage of the natural light and backgrounds. 

Do I need to use a make up artist?

We highly recommend using a professional make up artist since they focus on what looks good for on camera and photographs. By using one of our make up artist they will stay during the whole shoot doing touch ups and making small changes. Also the make up could be completely different from changing looks.

What clothing should I bring for the shoot?

Please come well groomed to your shoot. Shave, wax, exfoliate, or get a haircut the day before. Make sure to bring casual and dressy items. We recommend that you vary you neckline using v necks, crew necks, button downs and collars. Stay away from tube tops and spaghetti strap tanks, as they are too revealing for Headshot photos. Also, vary your colors, but avoid overly bright tones and white, graphic tees, or large logos.

Your clothing should be stain and wrinkle free. Please bring plenty of clothing to choose from.


Where to print headshots in Los Angeles?

At Zen Studios we work with Digital Color House (www.digitalcolorhouse.net) and give you 15% off after shooting with us on printing your headshots. 

Industry size for headshots is 8×10. Industry standard is Luster/Matte prints. The advantage of Luster prints is that they do not show fingerprints like glossy prints do, which is why agents and casting directors prefer that print. 

Print your resume in black and white print on 8×10 and staple it to the back of your headshot. Industry standard is to attach resume to the headshots and not to print directly on the back of headshots (which is great so you can keep your resume up to date without having to reprint also the headshot; save some money)

Where to send headshots?

To send your headshots to agencies get a 11×14 inch envelope, address it to the specific department you are submitting to. Staple your resume to the back of your headshot and write a short cover letter in which you explain what kind of representation you are looking for. Make sure you include if you were referred by someone, and your experience that might not reflect from your resume. 

Who to send headshots to? 

When you are looking for an agent or manager you will submit your headshot to their office. When going in for an audition make sure you bring your headshot with your resume attached to the back of it. 

Who needs headshots? 

For actors it is their most important marketing tool. It is the first thing agents and Casting Directors see. 

Professional headshots are recognized as more and more important as your LinkedIn profile is your online business card.

And with online dating, headshots for dating profile are now becoming a thing. 

Are headshots black and white?

No, in the U.S. the industry standard is color. 

Are headshots matte or glossy?

They are matte, so they don’t show fingerprints.

Are headshots important?

Yes, the pictures are an actors single most important marketing tool. It is the fist thing a casting director and agent see.

How much headshots cost?

The price depends on where you take them. In cities as L.A. and N.Y. you can expect the price to be higher. For a business headshot, you’ll generally pay somewhere between $100 and $250. For a modeling or acting shots prices will range between $200 to $400. 

What size headshots do I need?

They are supposed to be cropped 8×10

What is headshots only?

That means that the stylist and Make Up artist are not included in the session and you will have to book those separate or do it yourself. 

Who does headshots?

Professional headshot photographers. 

Where to take headshots?

You can choose to take headshots outside or indoors in a studio. When outside you are more dependent on weather and light which all of that can be controlled in a studio. 

What do headshots cost?

Price of headshots depend on where you take them. In cities as L.A. and N.Y. you can expect the price to be higher. For a business headshot, you’ll generally pay somewhere between $100 and $250. For a modeling or acting headshot prices will range between $200 to $400.

What are headshots printed on?

Headshots are printed on matte paper. 

Are headshots tax deductions?

Yes, you can write off the costs of your headshots,, duplications, classes, coaches, and resumes and also the editing of your reel and voiceover tape and other promotional efforts. 

Just make sure you have receipts and expense records to back them up. 

Why are professional headshots important?

They are an actors single most important marketing tool. It is the fist thing a casting director and agent see. As this is a very competitive business, taking a headshot with your phone will make you look amateur. 

What is a headshot photographer?

A photographer that is specialized in taking pictures of a person’s head and shoulder with an emphasis on a person’s face. 

Headshots what size?

The industry standard for actor headshots is 8×10. 

Where to get headshots for LinkedIn?

When choosing a photographer check their work to see if they have experience taking business portraits. 

Where to get headshots in Los Angeles?

As Los Angeles is the entertainment capitol there are plenty of headshot photographers to choose from. When doing your research make sure you choose a photographer you are comfortable with and whose work reflects the kind of headshots that you want. 

Who prints headshots?

There are many different printing agencies that print good quality but you can even get them printed at Staples. 

What are headshots for acting?

A photograph of a person’s head and shoulders, emphasizing on the face. 

Professional headshots what to wear? 

Of course it depends on the type of business that you are in, in the creative industry you are less likely to have a suit and tie image whereas in the corporate industry, that is the standard. So try to keep that in mind and wear clothes that are comfortable but have a great fit. Layers look good on camera, so a jacket works well. Make sure you bring a variety of necklines as these influence how your face will look. Make sure your clothes are pressed and that they look new or like new. The color of your shirt can help emphasize the color of your eyes. 

Avoid wearing white, busy patterns, large lines/stripes/big logo’s and turtlenecks. Don’t overdress. 

Make sure you wear something that makes you feel good and comfortable. 

Headshots what colors to wear?

Plain colors. Patterns and prints will distract from your face. Blue, green, wine and purple are good colors to wear. Avoid wearing pastels, beige, cream, peach or yellow because they will blend in too much with your face. Make sure you bring different options to the photo session. 

What are headshots supposed to look like?

Like you on your best day

Headshots what to know?

Know your type and age range and what shows you are auditioning for. The clearer you have in mind and examples on paper what your headshot should look like, the bigger the chance on a great outcome. 

Headshots how to photograph? 

Make sure you focus on the eyes. Try and find the best angle, a lot of times actors are not used to looking straight into the camera so make sure you guide them through this and help them.

Headshots how to pose?

Make sure you rehearse your facial expressions at home in front of the mirror so you can be comfortable when looking down the lens of the camera. Communicate with your eyes and make sure you keep your back straight. 

Headshots what lens? 

The lens that you use depends on the result you are looking for. 

Are headshots expensive? 

The price depends on where you take them. In cities as L.A. and N.Y. you can expect the price to be higher. For a business headshot, you’ll generally pay somewhere between $100 and $250. For a modeling or acting headshot prices will range between $200 to $400.

How to choose headshot photographer? 

Do your research online. Ask your friends and colleagues for references. Make sure the photographer has experience working with your type. 

What is a headshot photographer?

A photographer that specializes in headshot photography which, according to wikipedia is: ‘A headshot is a photographic technique where the focus of the photograph is a person’s face.’ 

Questions to ask a headshot photographer?

Some questions you could ask your photographer are:

What does the price include? Hair and make-up? Proof prints or CD? Final prints? Retouching?

How much time do I have for the session?

About how many shots will I have to choose from?

Do you use a studio or location? Can I choose?

Do you help with wardrobe? 

Can you help me book a make up artist?

What is your payment policy?

How many ‘looks’ are included in the session? 

Do you tip a headshot photographer?

You can, if you want to;) 

A nice gesture as a thank you note or gift card is always appreciated but not mandatory.