Difference Between Commercial and Theatrical Headshots

We are often asked about the distinction between theatrical and commercial headshots. Specifically, people wonder if these two types can be used interchangeably. To address this question comprehensively, it is essential to delve into the intended purposes behind each acting headshot category. Below, we will provide a detailed breakdown of the characteristics that differentiate theatrical headshots from commercial headshots, along with a third type of headshot that offers a versatile middle ground between the two styles. By exploring these nuances, actors can make informed decisions when selecting the most suitable headshot for their needs and career aspirations.

What is a theatrical headshot?

Theatrical headshots are specifically designed for casting in plays, TV shows, and films, capturing the essence of an actor’s multifaceted personality. When it comes to theatrical headshots, it is crucial to unveil the layers of emotion and depth that define the characters they can portray. 

In contrast, commercial headshots focus on establishing trustworthiness to market and sell products effectively. However, theatrical headshots aim to embody an identifiable personality type, irrespective of whether it is perceived as trustworthy. The versatile nature of theatrical headshots allows actors to showcase a range of personalities, amplifying their potential for diverse roles and captivating performances.

What is a commercial headshot?

Commercial headshots are specifically crafted to captivate the advertising industry. The main objective is effectively marketing a product to a clearly defined target audience. When selecting a commercial headshot, it is crucial to contemplate the precise demographic that you intend to reach thoughtfully. The personalities portrayed in commercials need to be instantly recognizable, as there is only a brief window to establish a connection with the viewer. Are you a sophisticated luxury car driver or a college student with a penchant for compact cars? What age range best represents your authentic self? Do you fit the mold of a hipster featured in a trendy phone commercial, or do you embody the nerdy and quirky office type? Remember, while displaying your unique qualities in your headshot is vital, the essence of commercial headshots lies in their appeal to a broader audience.

Should I smile in my theatrical vs. commercial headshot?

When it comes to theatrical headshots, the general expectation is to portray confidence without a smile, but it ultimately depends on the specific characters you’re targeting. Sometimes, a subtle smirk or a glimpse of vulnerability in the eyes can capture your identity as an actor even better. It’s important to remember that not all theatrical shots have to be rigid and solemn; instead, think of them as showcasing a distinct sense of authenticity.

When it comes to commercial headshots, the choice depends on your type, but generally speaking, a smiling expression is recommended. The aim is to exude energy and charisma in your commercial headshot. If you typically portray more complex characters, your commercial shot should capture your character on a good day. An effective commercial headshot should be relatable and captivating. The photographer’s objective should be to capture an authentic, vibrant moment beyond a superficial smile and a head tilt.

What should I wear for a theatrical vs. commercial headshot?

The choice of characters you audition for will influence the wardrobe in your theatrical headshots. I lean towards earthy tones, avoiding black or white shirts, although some shades of gray can work. Maintaining a suitable contrast ratio between wardrobe, background, and hair is crucial to avoid a muddy or dull headshot. Earth tones can deliver a rich color that grabs attention while still allowing the focus to be on the actor.

Conversely, your commercial headshot should exude warmth and brightness to radiate likability. Opt for pop colors, such as jewel tones, which capture attention without overpowering the actor. Beware of blacks or grays, as they can diminish the warmth and energy of the shot. If dark clothing is all you have, ensure the background is brighter to compensate.

What about comedic headshots?

As an additional point, we believe the comedic headshot perfectly balances commercial and theatrical representations. Comedic headshots are tailored for sitcoms, standup comedies, romantic comedies, and similar genres. Like commercial headshots, comedic ones should exude a light and vibrant aura while reflecting your colorful personality.

However, comedic headshots offer a touch more character. They should subtly convey the type of humor you excel at. Are you the dry and sarcastic character or the quirky slapstick type? Unless your act is intentionally over-the-top, we do not recommend adopting a cartoony and exaggerated approach. Subtlety can prove highly effective and convey authenticity, even within comedy.

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Mich Angela Pinili

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