Theatrical Headshots Los Angeles

Casting Directors decide who to audition based on a headshot.

Casting directors want to see a headshot that actually looks like you

A good headshot gives an accurate sense of who you are as an actor and the characters you might play. 

In one Look Headshot Session you can show a range in characters you can play.


Commercial Headshot or Theatrical Headshot?

A good commercial headshot is design to appeal the advertising industry.

A good theatrical headshot is geared towards being cast in plays, TV shows and Films.

Don’t forget to visit our Commercial Headshots Page.

We can shoot your commercial headshot and theatrical headshot in the same session.

Your audition begins the moment you walk in the room; but you headshot will determine if you get a shot in walking in that room.

We will guide you every step of the way to make sure you are comfortable and get you the best headshot that will get you in that audition room.

Once you booked at Zen Studios LA, you will get 10% in your next headshot session. Yes, you can cut your hair, or grow it out. Having an updated headshot is an investment in your career as an actor.


$ 175

    • 35 Minute Session
    • 1 Outfit / 1 Backdrop
    • 1 Edited Image
    • *Add Hair and Makeup – $125*

2 LOOKMost Popular

$ 275

    • 60 Minute Session
    • 2 Outfit Changes / 2 Backdrops
    • 3 Edited Images
    • *Add Hair and Makeup – $150*


$ 375

    • 90 Minute Session
    • 3 Outfit Changes / 3 Backdrops
    • 3 Edited Images
    • *Add Hair and Makeup – $175*


Each Package includes a select number of retouched images. Theatrical headshots retouching will remove stray hairs, blemishes, dark spots and circles, color correction, etc.

*Any additional retouched images are $25.

What to wear during your session!

Always have a Casual Look and Professional Look. If you feel you can play younger characters: bring a bright, youthful Look.

Remember to wear jewel tones that accentuate your eye and skin color.

Please refrain from wearing white* or lightly colored tops as they can cause camera flare.

*If you feel you must wear white, please let you photographer know ahead of time so that we can prepare appropriate lighting for your perfect session.