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It’s old news that your wardrobe tells a lot about you. That is why your headshots wardrobe is very important. 

Your clothing reveals a lot about you, how you perceive yourself and how others perceive you. What you wear informs others of your type of employment, your ambitions, emotions and spending habits. That is why in the entertainment industry, where you only get little time to show who you are and what you can do you have to be very aware which message you want to bring across. As a headshot is the first thing a CD will see, and judge you on, make sure you are dressed to impress.


Wearing the right thing for a headshot session is simple but not easy. It has to bring out your personality. So hereby a blog post dedicated to some do’s and don’ts concerning wardrobe. The most important thing is that you bring clothes that you feel comfortable and confident in. 

Do’s and don’ts

Do bring clothes that are new or look like new. Take the time to get them dry-cleaned and steamed. No wrinkly, old or washed out tops.
You can bring accessories that show your personality, this could be a scarf, glasses, jewelry or even a hat. Try to avoid logos and lots of writing on T-shirts. This is very distractive and most likely you will only see a small part of it. Don’t wear white, pastels or black, unless it’s a white T-shirt under a jacket, a black leather jacket or a suit. On the other hand, bright, primary colors are great for headshots!


The name says it already, a headshot, so you don’t have to bother bringing pants (besides the ones you’re wearing, of course), skirts or shoes. We won’t be shooting that part. Unless we are shooting for fitness which has become much more popular in the recent years. Then you should bring work out shoes and yoga pants! Stick to solid colors and avoid clothes with wild patterns on them, this can work for kids but not so much for adults.

Headshots Los Angeles

Make sure you do your homework and you know how to market yourself. How do other people see you? What type of characters are in your range? So, what you wear tells a lot about you and gives the CD an idea what kind of character you can portray. Bring color that bring out your best features. If you have blue eyes, a blue or green color usually looks good on you and really bring out your eyes. A few days before the shoot think about what you’re going to wear. Try it on at home and make sure the fit of the top is still right and that you get it cleaned and steamed before brining it in. Here you can download our guide with more do’s and don’ts to check before coming to a headshot session, so you have your headshots wardrobe ready on the day of the shoot!

Don’t hesitate to call us and ask any questions you have regarding wardrobe! 


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