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Actors. All, even the famous ones, started somewhere and still, or once upon a time needed a headshot. And they also have opinions on them. Hereby some funny, interesting, heartfelt quotes to start your Friday off right. Hope you have a great weekend!

Every artist is a walking business. Your marketing tools are your headshots and your reel. That’s what people see that’s what you’re out there pushing trying to get a rep and that isn’t easy. – Jay Ellis. 

I didn’t have an agent, I didn’t have a headshot. I didn’t even know if anyone would know where to find me. I just went back to high school and started playing with my band. – Jason Schwartzman

I have a bunch of headshots that I like to throw at people – with some backups. I give them like three copies just so they don’t forget me. – Ken Jeong

I think what makes so many other actors miserable is focusing completely on making other plans. They’re obsessed with their haircut and their headshot and their agent, their IMDB profile or whatever. – Nick Offerman

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For one year, i was Keith Mitchell Coogan on my headshots. The next year, I was just Keith Coogan. And I have gone by that ever since, maybe 1984 or 1985. That is my mothers maiden name, and it was out of reverence for my grandfather. – Keith Coogan

Many casting directors won’t hire aspiring actors because you might be burning some chick’s headshot under the table so she doesn’t get the part. – Olivia Wilde

I feel more comfortable when I’m somber else, I think. When I’m taking a picture as myself, the whole idea of taking a headshot, to me, feels very false. – Miss Pyle

My headshot is a scratch and a sniff, it smells like failure and onions. – Zach Galifianakis

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