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June 2017


Headshots for kids

We love taking headshots for kids. And today, you can’t get away with just some cute vacation snapshots anymore. The entertainment business, also for kids, is very competitive. The energy when shooting with kids is always different then when shooting adults, they have a shorter attention span and are easily distracted. The hardest thing is to get them to sit still! On the other hand, they are not as self conscious as most adults and feel more free in front of the camera; it really is all about just clicking at the right time. With little direction you can get…
June 26, 2017
Headshots Photography

The importance of corporate headshots

Online handshake Your corporate headshot is your online handshake, most likely the first impression someone that wants to do business with you is from seeing your picture online. Having a personable photo online helps people connect and relate with you. On your LinkedIn profile, your website, blog or next to a column you wrote. Having a great corporate headshot is important and quite the challenge. Its the mixture of light, posing, the chemistry between the photographer and client, wardrobe and the environment. It is important to have clear what industry the headshot will represent to get the look and feel…
June 23, 2017