Commercial headshots Los Angeles

Commercial headshots, the name already tells you, are for the advertising industry. A commercial headshot exists to promote a product or brand to a certain demographic. So, for the purpose of sales; your face has to connect with the viewer. The goal of your commercial headshot is therefore to come across as likable and trustable, which is why the wardrobe is usually warm and bright colors with a smile. An important factor with commercial headshots is that your personality type should come across in a few seconds. Which audience can you relate to? Soccer moms, graduate student or do you have a more athletic look? You should play into those qualities, it will help you get work. Get a great commercial headshot and next thing you know your face is in magazines on billboards, or on TV. 

Theatrical headshots Los Angeles

In contrast to your commercial headshot you want your theatrical headshot to have more emotional depth. With your commercial headshot you want to sell a brand, your theatrical headshot you’re selling a personality that the viewer can identify with. With your theatrical headshot you want to be cast in plays, TV shows, and films. Important for theatrical headshots is that it shows personality and emotional depth. Generally speaking, the expression for a theatrical headshot is more grounded and serious. Although, depending on the roles that you go out for it doesn’t have to be completely serious and you can have a little smile. 

Comedic headshot

And somewhere in between all of these is the comedic headshot. This one should give the viewer an impression of the kind of humor that you do. Used for stand-up comedy, romantic comedies, sitcoms etc. Have fun it, show your personality and the type of comedy you do, give it some character!


A few tips before coming into your session; 

Get in front of the mirror and practice your facial expressions, a commercial headshot should feel alive and appealing full of charisma. Practice smiling in front of the mirror, make sure that when you get in front of the camera it is warm and genuine. Do you believe your own smile? Is it authentic? Take it from there and then find ways to practice different positive expressions with your face. 

Look at commercials and see what wardrobe works well. Try to find ones that are similar to your personality type and study those. Make sure you get comfortable smiling, commercials feel over the top and larger than life. 

Come in for your commercial headshots and have fun with it, make sure you download our guide full of do’s and don’ts for your next headshot session! Feel free to shoot us an email or give us a call with any questions you have.